10 Embarrassing Things You Do At The Gym

For those of us that love to work out, or simply do it because we want to eat pizza all day and not get fat, there are things you do (or see others do) that make you go “WTF?” There are endless amounts of weird things people do when they think no one’s watching, but here are 10 embarrassing things you (and I) do at the gym.

1. Sniff yourself

You’ve been sweating for an hour and you know you have to meet up with a friend afterwards, but there’s no time for a shower in between. How do you make sure you don’t smell like a garbage can? You can smell a stench but you don’t know if it’s coming from you or the really sweaty man on the treadmill next to you. So you have no choice but to check, right?


2. Poke your fat

That moment when you peek in the mirror to see how good (or stupid) you look doing your exercise. And then you poke the area with the unwanted flab in hopes that in will magically disappear in front of your eyes. Only, it doesn’t. Ever.




3. Stare at the hot guy/girl next to you

Who DOESN’T do this? I go 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood and it’s FULL of hot boys. Of course I’m in love with all of them and I find myself staring, but 98% of them like boys so I cry inside because they don’t want me back. But you know you’ve all been caught looking at that gorgeous boy/girl next to you doing squats. Mmm. Dat gluteus maximus tho. The worst is when they catch you starting through the mirror.




4. Copy someone’s exercise

Okay so sometime’s the n00bs don’t know what they’re doing… AT ALL… so they sit and watch the highly experienced gym douche next to them and slowly start doing what they’re doing. We’ve all done it. Don’t lie.




5. Try to lift more than you can

This MOSTLY goes out to the guys… but seriously dudes, if your form starts resembling Quasimodo and you’re trembling and shaking, try to ease up on the weights. Your spine is silently yelling at you, asking you to PLEASE ease up. You also look really stupid.




6. Take selfies

I hate people who post gym selfies, but I’ve definitely done it like once (or twice). Sometimes you just wanna show off your progress, right? WRONG YOU LOOK LIKE SUCH AN IDIOT. No one cares about the 0.01 oz of muscle you gained in your tricep. And everyone at the gym can see you taking pics. Not cute.




7. Fart

It’s so loud, you can just let one rip right? No one will know where it’s coming from. It’s kind of like farting on an airplane. Just make sure you do a crop duster. Reference Urban Dictionary if need be.




8. Don’t wipe down the equipment

Seriously people!!! Don’t just sweat over everything and leave a pool of skin juice on the equipment. That is seriously so gross and has disease written all over it.




9. Bang the weights down super hard

This is kind of a reference to number 5. If you’re lifting way more than you can handle, your lil muscles are gonna end up giving out, and you’re going to bang the metal on the floor or against more weights. It seriously scares the shit out of me (and every human within a 10 mile radius) every time.





10. Try to look really sexy

Every time I do certain yoga poses, I always feel like people assume I’m trying to look super hot. I have big boobs so I really can’t hide them no matter what I do or wear. But I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I’m just really feelin myself and I think everyone SHOULD be looking. Boys, you know you like it.