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Vaseline Lip Therapy Product Review

      I recently tested out the new Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Aloe tin and my lips feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. There are 4 different “flavors”–  original, aloe, rosy lips and cocoa butter– and they all sound delicious, but my Aloe one is very soothing and smells absolutely wonderful. I’ve always loved […]

Jackie Hollywood – No Money (Party With Me) Official Lyric Video

Jackie Hollywood – No Money (Party With Me) Official Lyric Video Original Song Written by Jackie Hollywood Produced by Smash Bros I am so proud to release my first song, No Money (Party With Me), so I hope you guys like it! It’s meant to be a fun song to dance and sing along to […]

Chasing Dreams in the Land of Empty Promises

  Ever since I could talk I knew I wanted to be a Talk Show Host. I watched the likes of Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones before I even knew how to do long division. I told myself that there was nothing else I’d rather do, and nothing else I’d ever settle for. Now I’m […]

10 Embarrassing Things You Do At The Gym

For those of us that love to work out, or simply do it because we want to eat pizza all day and not get fat, there are things you do (or see others do) that make you go “WTF?” There are endless amounts of weird things people do when they think no one’s watching, but […]

10 Reasons Why This San Franciscan Loves Los Angeles

10 Reasons Why This San Franciscan Loves Los Angeles I LOVE my hometown of San Francisco where I was born and raised and lived in for 23 years. But I get asked this question ALL the time… “which do you like better? SF or LA?” That is such a loaded question and I can go […]

What Is Zeusvision and Why Should You Care?

  I recently got a new job and a lot of you have been asking me, “so what exactly do you do?” My answer varies between “digital PR for an advertising company” and “blogger outreach” and “well, it’s hard to explain… but it’s really cool.” All three answers are valid, but let me really tell you […]

Interview with host, Jackie Hollywood: Love What You Do

Jackie Hollywood's Interview with Nelly

Interview with host Jackie Hollywood Love What You Do Recently I was approached by Jacob Burman, Program Outreach Director of Mental Fitness, who wanted to interview me for their “What Is Beautiful?” Campaign. Mental fitness is a national nonprofit that was created through collaboration with top experts in medicine, humanities and education to address a public […]

Red Bull Goes Through Lawsuit, You Get Free Money!

  You can thank me now, or you can thank me later, but here’s a link to literally get $$$ free money $$$. Red Bull is going through a lawsuit (if you really care about the details, they’re in the link below) and you can choose between getting $10 cash or $15 in Red Bull products. […]

5 Things You Learn Living On Your Own

I moved out of my parent’s house in San Francisco in Feb 2013 and have been living in LA ever since. I have a roommate, but I still consider that living on your own because well… roomies aren’t your parents. So here are 5 things you learn (or at least that I learned real quick) when […]

25 Things Every 25 Year Old Should Learn By 25

It’s not my birthday or anything so I don’t know why I’m reflecting, but I do know that I was reading a random blog (I wish I remembered which one so I could link to it!) and it was about a guy who just turned 45, reflecting on 45 things he learned in his lifetime. […]

VIDEO: New York City Through the Eyes of a GoPro

New York City Through the Eyes of a GoPro   I went to New York City with my best friends Jay and Roshan in Feb of 2014 on what was a really spontaneous trip. Roshan got sent there for work, and Jay and I were unemployed at the time and decided, hey why not? Let’s […]

Addicted To Horror: My Favorite Halloween Events


It’s that time again!! I can’t believe October is right around the corner and all the fun Halloweeny events are already starting this weekend! It feels like there aren’t enough days in the month of October because I always run out of time to check out all the spooky events. Last year I was able […]


Jackie Hollywood Cat

I can’t believe I am embarking on this journey. This wonderful and scary journey they call blogging. I used to blog back in the Xanga days. Remember that? If you answered no, boy do I feel really old. This site is mainly to showcase my many talents (at least I hope they’re talents and not […]